deepOmega 8 Subwoofer



Driver: Proprietary 8″ OmegaCone
Cabinet: Sealed
Power: 150w 8ohms 250w 4ohms
Input Sensitivity: 88dB at 8 ohms
Impedance: 8 ohms
Frequency Response: 28-160Hz
Inputs: Line level and speaker level. Can be connected to all amplifier types.
Dimensions: 14″H x 11″W x 11.5″D excluding spikes
Weight: 40 lb. in shipping box
Input power: 120v and 240v

Warranty: 5 year parts and labour on cabinet and driver. 1 year parts and labour on amp.

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The deepOmega 8 (the re-named Micron) is the smallest sub Omega has come out with, but has the same potency as the now discontinued deepHemp Cube.

Where can you find an American made, sealed subwoofer with proprietary American made driver, and hand built cabinet, all for an offshore price?

The sealed cabinet has numerous advantages over a ported one in the area of speed, articulation, tuneful bass
(not “one note” bass), ease of placement, no port noise…..where does it end?
In a word: musicality.

Why have a sub?

1) If you have smaller speakers a sub will be a foundation to the music and improve imaging; two subs are even better.

2) If you have larger speakers with good bass, a sub or two will take you considerably further into the depths, while still improving imaging.

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