Omega Compact Alnico Monitor



Sensitivity: 94.5 dB at 8 ohms
Impedance: 8 ohms
Driver: Proprietary 6″ Omega Alnico HempCone
Frequency Response: 42-20kHz
Dimensions: 16″H x 12″W x 8.5″D
Weight: 40 lbs. a pair in a shipping box
Power Requirements: as little as 2 watts
Crossover: None

Warranty: 10 years parts and labor for workmanship defects

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The award winning reference grade Omega 6″ Alnico series of speakers have since production began in 2008 reached cult status among serious audio listeners. Few are seen on the used market, and when they are, are usually gone in days…for a premium price.

Following the incredible success of the Super Alnico XRS and Super Alnico Monitor,
Omega has developed the Compact Alnico Monitor (CAM). The CAM retains all the attributes of it’s larger siblings, giving away a little in bass, but gaining in speed due to faster cabinet loading, better imaging due to smaller point source (yet having a wide baffle for that gorgeous wide open midrange), and versatility due to it’s more compact dimensions. Now you can have Omega Alnicos on a much more affordable and common 22″-24″ speaker stand.

The CAM is able to be close to a backing wall (thus out of the way of traffic), put on a bookshelf, credenza, or wall bracket. With these advantages and the various finishes available, home integration will be a breeze.


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Eko Teak, Eko Olive Wood, EKO Ebony, EKO Mahogany, EKO Ash Tweed, EKO Mocha Tweed, Real Cherry, Real Walnut, Quartered Macassar Ebony, Real Zebrawood, Real Birdseye Maple


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